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10 Party Games for 10 Year Olds

BoxedUpParty 10 Year Olds Blog


As my middle daughter reaches her 10th birthday, I’ve put my thinking cap on to think of 10 party games.  10 years old’s are a little to old for pass the parcel and musical bumps but they are still up for some fun games and activities to pass the time at your party. These games are ideal if you’ve invited the class as many of them are team games.  Here’s the list:

1. Donut Game

indoor party games doughnuts on a string game-250x166

The classic but fun game of eating donuts without any hands.  Tie them loosely with string and thread them onto a long pole.  Make the strings different lengths and move the pole up and down for extra fun.

2. The M&M Game


Use drinking straws to move M&Ms from one bowl to another.  The person who does it first is the winner.  If there are a lot of people at the party you can devide them into 2 teams and give the players 30 seconds each before swapping over.  A whistle is great for the change over!

3. Stuck In The Mud

You will need a little more space for this game so a village hall or outside would be ideal.  Choose two children to be the taggers. When the children are caught they have to stand still with their arms and legs apart until another player frees them by crawling through their legs. Play continues until all the kids are stuck in the mud.  To make the game more tricky, use more taggers.

4. The Chocolate Game


Roll the dice.  If you roll a six you must but on a big pair of gloves with a hat and use a knife and fork to cut up and eat a square of chocolate.

5. Balloon Pop Game


Children split into pairs. A balloon is placed between the backs of each pair.  The object of the game is to be the first pair to pop their balloon without touching it with their hands.

6. The Mummy Game


Split the children into teams and equip them with a large toilet roll for each team.  1 member of each team stands up with their hands by their sides.  The object of the game is to wrap up the person like an Egyption mummy.  The winning team has covered up the mummy with the least gaps and breakages.

7. Pass the Orange


Players are split into 2 teams and they each form a line.  The object of the game is to pass the orange down the line but only by holding it under your chin!

8. Wheelbarrow Relay


Another team game – players must wheelbarrow by holding a friend’s legs so that they walk on their hands.  They wheelbarrow to the end of the room and back and then swap with the next two players.  The team that finishes first is the winner.

9. Disco Dancing Competition


Put on your best tunes and let the dancing begin.  Prizes for the best dancers and most original dance moves.

10. Chopsticks Game


Fill one bowl with sweets such as jelly beans and put out another empty bowl.  Player 1 should use the chopsticks to move a jelly bean into the empty bowl.  They then pass the chopsticks to the next player who repeats this.  Play continues until one team has moved all the jelly beans into the second bowl. They are the winners!


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