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9th Apr 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

10 of the best kids outdoor party games

BoxedUpParty outdoor party games

outdoor party games

The sun is out and kids parties are heading out into the garden. With fresh air and more space to run around it’s great to take advantage of the weather. We’ve got 10 of the best outside party games for you, just don’t forget the sun cream.

1. Treasure Hunt

The perfect pirate party game.   A little bit of planning is required in advance to write the clues. These can be pictures for those who can’t read or cryptic clues for the older children.  These clues lead to the pirate treasure or for a special surprise, a treasure chest piñata.

2. The Magical Circle

For fluttering fairy parties.  Make a big circle with everyone holding hands and walk around together in the circle.  Ask the children to think magical thoughts.

After a couple of minutes two people break hands but keep walking – one spiraling into the middle and the other one going around the outside.

Keep going until everyone is in a tight spiral.

Next get everyone to crouch down whilst still holding hands.  (Tricky but fun).

Ask the children to call out their favourite magic word.  Choose one, then say after three we will all jump up and shout the magic word so that the fairies can hear us.  Magic!

3. Hide The Teddy (or other favourite toy)

This is a great game for younger children.  Hide the teddy and get the children to find it – simple!

4.  What’s The Time Mister Wolf?

One person is the wolf and stands at one end of the garden with their back to the other children.  The other children shout out “What’s the time Mister Wolf” and the wolf turns around and says the time. If he shouts 2 O’clock the wolf must turn away whilst the other players take two steps forward.  3 O’clock means 3 steps and so on.  Finally they shout “What’s the time Mister Wolf” and the wolf replies “Dinner time”.  He then chases the children and the first one he catches takes his turn being the wolf.

5.  Manhunt

One player counts to 30 whilst everyone hides.  He must then find and tag someone who then helps him to find and tag everyone else.  As each person is caught they also help with the tagging.  The last one ‘in’ wins.

6.  Wheelbarrow Race

Kids have a wheely whacky time grabbing each others legs and attempting to race up the garden.  Always ends in laughter and silliness.

7.  Stuck In The Mud

A variation of tag.  The players who are tagged must stand still with their legs and arms outstretched until freed by someone else.  This happens when another player who hasn’t been caught goes under their legs or arms.  This game can last for 5-10 minutes or until everyone is stuck.

8.  Dress Up Relay Race

Grab some hats, scarves, big shirts or whatever else takes your fancy.  Children must run a race, dressing up as they go.  A great photo opportunity.

9.  Bubble Catch

Always a hit with younger children.  Parents and helpers blow bubbles and the children try to pop them before they escape.  Loads of frothy fun.


10.  Magic wand

Use a real magic wand or use a prop (decorated cardboard tubes are ideal, failing that – a stick).

The parent tells the children that whenever they wave the wand they will change into something else.

They then shout “I will turn you into frogs” and all the children must hop about like frogs.  You can turn them into lots of things from superheros to snakes.

This game also works well on a trampoline for smaller parties.


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