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13th May 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

7 Things To Do At A Cupcake Party



Your daughter wants a cupcake party but what exactly are you going to do to keep her and her friends occupied?

Here are 7 cupcake themed party ideas that I hope will help you – have a great party!

1. Make Cupcakes!

I’ve always loved making cakes with my children and if you want to make cupcakes at your party be prepared.

You can purchase disposable aprons from craft shops, make sure you have enough bowls, spoons, paper cases and flag picks for all the party goers and have all the ingredients at hand before you start.

You may decide to make 1 lot of mixture, in which case make sure everyone gets a turn adding ingredients, stirring and of course licking the bowl.

Choose a simple recipe, there are lots of recipes to choose from online. Here’s one that has worked for me.

Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes.

2. Decorate Cupcakes

Either decorate the cupcakes you’ve made at the party or make a batch beforehand to decorate.

Here is a list of toppings for your creations.

For the icing, buttercream is always popular and you can add flavour with vanilla essence, cocoa powder etc.  You can also add food colouring for different shades of cupcake. Traditional icing or pre-made chocolate fudge frosting are also popular choices.

Now the frosting is on party guests can go to town by adding other toppings such as sprinkles, cherries, sweets, strawberries and even marzipan shapes that the party goers can shape themselves.  The possibilities are endless.

3. Play Cupcake Inspired Games

Pin the icing on the cupcake is a great game for your cupcake party. Make your own game by cutting out a giant cupcake, colouring it and then make cut out candles to stick on. Alternatively buy a ready made game saving you time for the rest of your party preparations.

Another game you could play is the hanging donut game. Hang ring donuts from a pole and get the players to try and eat them without touching them with their hands.


Thanks to for the piccie!

4. Make Salt Dough Cupcakes

For cupcakes that last forever salt dough cupcakes are great and are a lasting reminder of the party. Create tiny sprinkles and paint them pretty colours once they are cooked.

5. Cupcake Competition

If you have made cupcakes at the party have a cupcake tasting competition.  Blindfold the player so they don’t know who’s cupcake they are tasting and the winner gets a prize!

6. Make Cupcake Pictures

Use colouring pens, glitter and crafty accessories or use colouring pages for an easy party activity.



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