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14th Nov 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

Any Excuse for a Party!

BoxedUpParty Party Excuse Blog


I love birthdays and birthday parties but the problem is they don’t come round often enough, so I’m always happy to find an excuse for a practice go!

I found out this Sunday 16th November is ‘Have a party with your bear day’ so I’m asking the kids to pull out a bear, we’ll make fairy cakes and have a picnic birthday tea.  For tots it’s a great pretending game and they learn about our party traditions like blowing out candles(you can pretend for this bit) and singing happy birthday!

I decided to have a look at what other party excuses there are to have a party and found plenty.  Here are my favourites;

Cake Decorating Day

adventure time cake-250x118

This is on the 10th of October so if you haven’t got a birthday that mum, make a yummy cake anyway and don’t forget to share on FB.

Fairy Day


Pretend you’re a fairy or at the very least get the kids to dress up.  Fairy gardens, fairy cakes and magic wands are all the order of the day 24th June.

Strawberry Ice Cream Day


Who doesn’t love strawberry icecream – well maybe there’s a few of you but this humble dessert is definately worth celebrating.  Jan 15th may not be what you would think of as the best day for for eating icecream but just turn the heating up and think of summer!

World Party Day


Celebrating everything good with the world, a party for optimists everywhere. Why not have a party and join the world wide celebration – just ‘pass the food and turn up the music’ every April 3rd.

Pizza Party Day


My kids love a bit of pizza and their also up for a bit of a party, so on 16th May why not have a pizza party. Make them or order them in, play some music or watch a movie. It’s just a good excuse for a get together and a bit of fun into the bargain.

Talk Like a Pirate Day


Aaaargghhh me hearties, why not talk like a pirate and maybe dress up and throw a pirate party too on September 19th. There’s  some great pirate phrases here for you to practice before the big day!

So if you can’t wait for your birthday, celebrate everyday and when it’s time for your little one’s birthday don’t forget to check out BoxedUpParty for great party kits in your favourite themes.


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