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Football Party Ideas

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Football parties are great fun, especially on a dry day as the kids can get outside and play football to their hearts content.

We've got some football party ideas for you for when the weather is not quite so good or for a break from running around. There may also be some friends that come to the party that may not be quite as football mad as your little champion!

We'll also show you some fun food ideas that we hope you might feel tempted to try.

BoxedUpParty have some great Football Party Kits and party favours for you to choose from and we'll give you a little taster of those too.
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Football Party Games and Activities

Use Footballs To Knock Down Stuff

Make your own skittles or targets to knock down. Use plastic bottles, pringles tubes, teddies and toys and set them up. Kids have fun trying to knock them down You can award points and prizes too.

Football Skittles

Football Targets

Build a target with either one or more target holes. It will keep the kids busy for hours!

Kick and score


Keepie Uppies With A Balloon

If the weather takes a turn, balloons can make a fun alternative to a football. Balloon Keepie Uppies and balloon tennis are action packed games that kids will love.

balloon keepy uppy

Blow Football

Even if you don't have a mini football stadium you can use a tabletop with improvised goal posts. A ping pong ball or screwed up paper work very well as balls. Just don't forget the straws.


Traditional Games With A Football Twist

Why not play some traditional games but put a football inspired twist on them. Here's my favourites:

  • Pass the football (A variation of pass the parcel) Just pass the ball round until the music stops. You can't unwrap it but you can get a prize.
  • Messi Says ( A variation on Simon Says, just add your favourite footballer).
  • Stick The Striker ( A variation on pin the tail on the donkey - you'll find it on our football party supplies page)

tn Football19689



For the finale of the party a piñata is always good fun. Choose a football piñata and fill with sweet treats and prizes. Then let the party goers bash them to bits!!

tn FootballP18000


Football Crafts

Make a doorhanger with stickers, die cut shapes and a little imagination.


Football Decorating Ideas

Football Framed Shirts

I really like the idea of framing a football shirt or two for the party venue. They may even end up in the birthday child's bedroom after the party. Folding is the hardest bit!

football shirt fold (Pinterest)

Themed Decorations

Use green, white and black streamers and football printed balloons to create a great party atmosphere. Hang the streamers in doorways and in windows. They look great waving in the breeze. Football themed banner bunting  will also look fab in your party venue.  We’ve got a great selection on the boxedupparty website and they are included in a number of our complete party kits.

FootballBUN008 Football6357 tn Football6300 FootballINT995704

Cakes, bakes and party food ideas

BoxedUpParty have some yummy lollies  and sweets for your party bags but what about your other party food. Here are some football food ideas to give you a little inspiration so you can make your party one to remember.

Make A Footballer Out Of Food!

Love this idea from of making footballers out of food. They have used cucumber, tomato, cheese, grapes, strawberries and even hot dogs. Love the meatball football!

football cocktail stick men

Birthday Cakes like the one from BBC Good Food  makes your mouth water by just looking at it. If you are feeling confident why not have a go at making it. If cupcakes are more your style then these grassy icing topped little beauties from Pinterest may be for you.

football pinata cakefootball cupcakes

You may want to get a cake made for you. Why not have one with their favourite team shirt on it. Our local team is Bournemouth and local bakers like Susie's Cakes are more than happy to create up to date designs, with the birthday childs name and number on it.


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