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10th Sep 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

Help-I'm too scared to have a birthday party for my kid!

BoxedUpParty Scared Blog


A recent trip to see my friend on her daughter’s third birthday was quite revealing to me. As a working mum who also studies she is suffering from a lack of Mummy pals with kids of a similar age.    For those who visited toddler groups when their kids were young, making friends and going to their kids parties was a regular event, so it definitely opened my eyes as to the problems for the working mums of today.

One thing my friend was worried about was having a children’s party with other people’s children there.( Apart from mine of course.) There were a number of things that worried her about it.

  1. Organizing party games
  2. Keeping control of other people’s children
  3. Wrapping a pass the parcel.
  4. Decorating the house
  5. Worrying about the weather (if it rained she would have to come indoors)
  6. Wondering what other kids like to eat?
  7. Not knowing what to put in a party bag.
  8. How long to hold a party for?
  9. What kind of parties do kids like?
  10. Worrying about the mess/exhaustion/not being very good at it!!!!


This may seem like an extreme case, but there are many new mums that have not had any contact with other kids, This may be due to working, partying or just not being that interested in kids until their own came along.

At first I admit that I thought she was a bit of a drama queen and that wrapping a pass the parcel was as much a right of passage into motherhood as changing nappies, but I admit I was wrong.  People like my friend need just a little assurance, some useful tips and a dose of experience.  I’m not saying I’ll run her kids party for her but I love to enable her to do it herself and to actually enjoy it.

So what is the advice to my friend –

First of all go to another kids party to get the feel for it.(If possible)

Get some friends/family/other parents to stay at the party to help out.

Buy a complete themed party from a gorgeous party shop like BoxedUpParty (Obviously have to plug my own brand!!)


Look for the blog on the party website and read the blogs that are relevant to you.  These will give valuable information about the things that are worrying you about holding a kids party.  They also give tips on food, games and other stuff you may not have even thought of.  In this case I would recommend the following blogs:

I hope my ramblings about my friend make you realize that maybe you’re not the only one.  If you’d like regular party advice, (much of it can also be used for kid’s activities when its not their birthday too) feel free to sign up to receive regular updates at the top of the page. But for now I do hope you all have the courage to have a kid’s party and maybe you’ll actually enjoy it too!!


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