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2nd Jun 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

Pick of the Best Pirate Festivals



Aaargh me hearties, if you love Pirate Parties but can’t wait for your next one why not head to your nearest Pirate festival!

After a trip to Brixham with the children, we found that the locals were so enthusiastic about Pirates that they not only had Pirate Thursdays in the school holidays but they also have they’re very own Pirate Festival.

On my return I decided to find out about the best Pirate Festivals country wide so that all our Pirate loving readers and customers can enjoy them too.

On June 21st Harry Paye Day is celebrated at Poole Quay with the tall ship, Tenacious birthed alongside.  A parade of pirates, childrens rides and entertainers make this a day not to miss.


Conwy in North Wales has a full on Pirate festival with events ranging from canon fire to Pirate flag parades and even barrel rolling.  Not to mention the obligitory Shanty sing along.  It takes place on 28th & 29th June so head on down for some Pirate fun!

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Hastings has a Pirate festival on 20th July.  They currently hold the world record for the most pirates in one place, 14,231 last year beating their rivals Penzance.  I’m sure they will try to better that this year as well as entertaining you with the traditional Pirate Festival activities.  This year they include a Pirate Party, parrot flying display, and Pirate sand sculpture.


In September Wells Near The Sea has a Pirate festival on the 12th to 14th of the month.  Highlights include Pirate story telling, a Pirate Firelight Parade and the fantastic sounding ‘Cooking with Bubbles the stinky ships cook’.

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until next May for the Brixham Pirate Festival but catch the highlights here.

And here’s your round up of Pirate festivals for the coming year:

  • June 19th-22nd Berwick upon Tweed
  • June 21st Harry Paye Day,  Poole Quay
  • June 28th Stockton on Tees, North Yorkshire
  • June 28th & 29th Conwy, North Wales
  • July 20th Hastings
  • August 2nd Isle of Sheppey
  • August 7th-10th Withernsea
  • August 22nd-24th Isle of Wight
  • September 12th-14th Whitby, North Yorkshire
  • September 12th-14th Wells near the Sea
  • September 13th & 14th Albert Dock, Liverpool


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