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24th Nov 2016 Published by Catherine Haines

Really Easy Harry Potter Party Games



If you and your family love Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them or The Cursed Child, it is more than likely at some point that you will find yourselves preparing a Harry Potter party.

You may be a little nervous as to the complexities of the rules of Quidditch, or how to make magic potions without poisoning someone and who really wants to eat slugs?

Fortunately we at BoxedUpParty have done the hard work for you – researching and vigorously testing spells and games on ‘our own children’!! My middle child is a complete Potter maniac so some of the games and ideas that haven’t made the blog have been discarded by her with looks of contempt. At one point I really thought I may be told to eat slugs myself!

Before the party it may be worth a walk in the woods to get a good supply of sticks for making magic wands and broomsticks. I’ve read many a blog involving ‘wood turning’ before the party in order to make an ‘Ollivander’ special but if you really haven’t the time, a good ‘stick’ can still be as magical as any wood of the ‘turned’ variety.

Our party games and activities are so simple that even Dobbie could do them. Well perhaps not Dobbie – maybe Hagrid?


Remember The Spell

Guests sit or stand in a circle with a good space to either side of each guest. The first person makes one swish to the wand and says one word. The second person must repeat the wand gesture and word and then add another. This continues until you have a very long magical phrase and elaborate wand configuration – or not as it usually ends in fits of laughter.

Who Am I?

Write Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts characters on pieces of paper or post it notes. Stick either to the guests forehead or back so they cannot see who is stuck on them. They can then ask questions about their character but can only get yes or no answers from the other guests.

Make A Magical Fortune Teller

Guests make their own fortune teller but with a Harry Potter twist. If you can’t remember how to make them Instructables have the basic fortune teller instructions here. Add the houses of Hogwarts, famous pupils or evil characters on the first level, magical creatures on the next level and a spell inside. There are some ideas on Pinterest for inspiration but the kids have a way of making them even better.


Eat Slugs (version 1)

Use gummy worms as the slugs and put a pile of slugs on a plate at one end of the room. Put another plate at the other end of the room. Slugs should be picked up with the guests mouth and then transferred to the other plate as quickly as possible. This can be done in a relay with 2 or more teams with their own pair of plates and piles of slugs. The winners are the team that transfers the slugs the quickest.

Eat Slugs (version 2)

Hide a slug (gummy worm) in a pile of flour or icing sugar. The guests must put their hands behind their backs and find the slugs with their mouths and eat them. This game is a little messy so either use floor coverings or play the game outside.


Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Each guest must draw their own made up magical creature and name them. The host then hides all the creatures around the party venue and the guests then have to find them. You can add to this game by getting the guests to guess who invented the creature.

Make Butter Beer And Magical Potions

Create a magical mixing bar with icecream and different coloured fizzy drinks. Butter beer can be made by mixing icecream and cream soda but you can create other magical drinks using different coloured drinks such as cherryade or limeade with different icecream flavours.

Harry Potter Pictionary

Put a list of Harry Potter objects and characters on pieces of paper and put them in a hat. Guest must take turns to pick one out of the hat and then try to draw it whilst the other guests try to guess what the picture is as quickly as they can.

Aragogs Web

Make a web by tying pieces of string or elastic at lots of different angles along a corridor or through a large box. Guests must try to get through the web without touching it.


Harry Potter parties are great fun but it’s often difficult to find your tableware and party bag fillers. Why not make things easy by buying a complete party kit from BoxedUpParty. We have some magical wizard and Harry Potter party supplies as well as all the party favours you will need for the big day. You can find our fabulous Harry Potter party page here.

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