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27th Oct 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

Should I Invite the Whole Class to my Kid's Party?

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Kids love parties and I have attended and hosted both small and large parties for my children, including ones where you invite the whole class.  These can be a lot of fun for kids whether they are run by yourself or if you have organized some special entertainment.

Unfortunately kid’s parties have become contentious issues at some schools.  A recent BBC article reported that a school in Bath was banning the handing out of party invitations unless the whole class was invited.

Their reasoning was that as an inclusive school they didn’t want any child to feel excluded.  This may be a noble sentiment but it does raise issues for a number of parents.

The aim of this blog is to give you some advice as to what to think about if you want to invite the whole class and some of the reasons that this might not always be a good idea for your child too.

Parties for the whole class

There are a number of things to consider if you are having a large party for your child.

1. The size of the venue


Unless you live in a large house you may need to hire a hall or have your party outside (weather permitting).  This becomes more and more important as the kids get older as they do tend to take up more room!

2. Managing a large number of children

Lets face it, we’re not all teachers and children don’t want to feel like they’ve come to another version of school when they are at a party.  We need to recognize our limitations and rope in a bit of help for the party to go with a swing.  Persuade your friends and family to help out, as it’s impossible to set out the food and supervise a party game at the same time.  There are also the unforeseen demands like toilet trips with younger children, spillages or disputes amongst the children themselves.

3. Entertaining the children

For a two hour party you need to fair bit to keep the children happy and occupied.  From experience I can tell you that games you think will last 10 minutes can finish in half the time.  Kids may eat also quicker than expected.

If you are entertaining the children yourself make sure you have more party games than you think you need just in case!  Activities such as a simple craft that don’t need too much intervention from you are a good way for the kids to stay entertained too.


There are lot’s of entertainers you can hire to keep kids happy too.  Magicians, disco’s, science or animal parties not to mention hiring a princess or a Peppa Pig to meet the children.  The possibilities are endless with your only constraint being your budget.

4. The kind of party your child wants

Dressing up parties, disco’s, pirate or princess parties…There are loads of great party themes for a big party but if your child wants a sleepover party this could be a problem!!  It may also be that you have a child that prefers a small gathering and is’nt good with a large number of children. Talk to the birthday child about what they really want to do.

5. Kids your children don’t want to invite

Sometimes there are people we don’t click with and that is true for adults and children.  I’ve only got one things to say about this.  Some kids have a love hate relationship with some of their classmates. and swing between being best friends one week and worst enemies the next. So you may invite a child that’s not flavour of the month and by the time the party is on they are best buds again  this also works the other way around.


(I know things are sometimes more complicated than this but it’s sometimes best to trust your own judgement whatever the headteacher says!)

6. Additional children you may want to invite that aren’t in the class

Children’s friends are not just limited to their class.  Don’t forget family friends, friends from clubs they may attend and the friends they always play with. They may happen to live in the vicinity but are not in their year at school.

7. Money

Your budget will also determine the size of your party.  Bear in mind the cost your tableware, decorations, party bags and entertainment as well as venue hire.

How BoxedUpParty can help.

BoxedUpParty love creating complete parties whatever the size. You can order party packs, choose your own party products or order a party specifying the exact number of children attending.(This goes up to a class of 32!)


We can also help with your party games on our blog.  There’s loads to choose from and they will definately come in handy for a whole class party.


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