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19th Feb 2015 Published by Catherine Haines

The Best Army Party Games To Tire Out The Troops!

BoxedUpParty Army Blog


Army or Camouflage parties can be energetic affairs so we’d like to share some games that will wear out your little cadets and are great fun too.

North South East West

Tell the players which wall (or defined area if you are outside) is North, which is South and so on.

Stand somewhere near the middle and point in one direction and shout ‘North’ or ‘South’ etc.

The players must run to the point you have shouted.

Keep shouting different directions so that the players are running all over the place.

Confuse the players by shouting a direction but pointing the wrong way.

Intersperse these directions which the players must do the actions to:

EYE EYE CAPTAIN   Players should salute

CLIMB THE RIGGING   Players should climb imaginary ropes.

MAN THE LIFEBOATS   Players sit down with their legs crossed and pretend to row.

SUBMARINE   Players lie on the ground with their hand up like a periscope and make a noise resembling a submarine. (Boop Boop Boop!)

SWORD FIGHT   An imaginary sword fight takes place between the players.

RAISE THE FLAG   Players pretend to pull on a rope to hoist up a flag.


As the game continues call out the commands progressively faster and faster. Finish the game when all the kids are worn out!!



A version of the game of tag.  One player is it and they must try to catch the other players.  If they catch someone that person must join them being ‘it’ and they must then continue trying to catch more and more players. Play continues with increasing numbers of players being ‘it’. The last player to be caught wins.

Hunt the Soldier

Hide toy soldiers all over the party venue and send the troops out to find them.

Obstacle Course

obstacle ladderrun1 l

Create an obstacle course around the party venue. Make the course easier for young children but its also nice to challenge the older ones.

Use tires, cones, ladders, netting to crawl under, string tied at different angles to climb through, hoops, mini trampolines and whatever else you can get your hands on.

Another option is to use the local play park and design a course based on the play equipment.

Either let the kids go round and round the course until they are worn out, or set up a score board and time the children as they go round.

Tug Of War


Kids love tug of war but I love this version from where the Dad is being pulled by all the kids who later tied him up as well!

We’ve got loads more hints and tips for camouflage or army parties, simply click on this link to another fantastic blog!!

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