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5th Jul 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

The Best Pirate Party Games


Pirate flag

You’ve got the tableware and decorations sorted, made the food and  invited all the young pirates you know.  Now to think of some pirate party games.  Fear not we have all the swashbuckling ideas you need for a fantastic pirate party.

Treasure Islands

  1. Cut out some large island shapes, one for each pirate
  2. Turn on the music
  3. Pirates swim and dance between the islands
  4. Whilst the pirates are dancing remove one island
  5. When the music stops the pirates must get onto an island
  6. If a pirate can’t find an island they are out
  7. Keep removing islands every time the music stops
  8. The last pirate remaining is the winner
  9. If you’re playing outside you can use hula hoops instead.

Long John Silver

Pirates see how long they can stand on one leg.

If that’s too easy make them do it with their eyes shut!

The winner is the last one to put their other leg down.


Treasure Hunt

Make a map to lead to the treasure.

You can make a map with the old teabag trick to make it look old.

Make the instructions simple to keep the pirates from getting distracted.

Hide gold coins for the treasure, or hide coins along the way and finish with a treasure chest pinata finale.

Captain Says

Basically its Simon Says with a few extra aaarrrghs!

Captain Says stand on one leg, Captain Says scrub the decks, Captain Says shout aaarrrgh!

Sometimes you don’t say ‘Captain Says’ – if the players still do the actions they are out.

Speed up as they get the hang of the game to make it more exciting.

Pirate Colouring Pages

At the start of the party put out some colouring pages as an activity for the kids to whilst the other guests arrive.


North, South, East, West

This game uses up a lot of energy and you can keep it going until you’ve tired all the pirates out. A  hall or outside space is recommended.

First tell the pirates which side of the hall is north, which is south, east and west.

When you shout ‘North’ all the pirates run to that side of the room.  Shout ‘south’, ‘east’ and ‘west’ too.

Give the pirates other directions like these:






AYE AYE CAPTAIN (pirates salute)

Talk Like A Pirate or Talk Like A Parrot Competition

Give a prize for the best attempt.

Walk The Plank

Put a plank on the grass and get the young pirates to walk across it without falling off.

Make them walk across it in different ways like putting their hands behind their backs, patting their heads and rubbing their tummies or closing one eye.

For older pirates you could raise the plank off the floor a little with bricks or pieces of wood.

Walk the plank

BoxedUpParty have some great pirate party supplies which we are sure you will enjoy.  We hope you enjoy your pirate party and have loads of fun.


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