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15th Apr 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

Toddler Birthday Party - What You Need To Know

BoxedUpParty Toddler Birthday

Toddler Birthday Party

If you’re planning a toddler’s birthday party here are some terrific tips to make things easier for you and more fun for the birthday child.

Where and When

First, choose your venue and date and send out the invitations about 2 weeks in advance.  Make sure the Mum’s come too as they can look after any problems involving their own children such as toileting and tantrums.


Timing of the party is important for young children too.  Some parents prefer to have a party in the morning with lunch so they can go home for their afternoon nap.

Parties around the ‘witching hour’ (6ish) are more likely to have children that are a little grumpy, so try to finish the party before this.

Activities and games

Children aged 3 and under are often happy to play with toys and sing nursery rhymes.  If you attend a mother and toddler group it may be possible to book the hall they frequent and borrow some of the toys.

If you are planning the party at home get out some of your older toys to play with and not the new toys  that the birthday child may be touchy about sharing.

Young children also like dressing up and playing simple party games like Simon Says and musical statues.


Buffet style parties don’t usually work for very young children, this is because some may fill up on foods they may not normally be allowed to have at home.  My own son has come home from a couple of buffet style parties and was promptly ill from doing just this!

Sitting down at the table or on picnic blankets if you haven’t got room, usually works well.  Remember to bring out the savory foods first and then the sweet.

Sandwich tip – use biscuit cutters to make sandwiches more tempting.

Food boxes are also very popular now as you can put in a set amount of party food for each child, they are prepared in advance and you don’t have to keep parsing around the sausage rolls, saving your energies for the party games.

Calm down time

After energetic party games, you may want to set some time aside for calming the children down.  This can involve reading a story or a gentle game like sleeping lions.

Sleeping lions involves the children pretending to be asleep and not moving. Children are ‘out’ when they are seen to be moving.  It’s a good idea to give the losers a small sweet or sticker so that they don’t get upset about not winning.  This game can be adapted to a different animal or character like sleeping monkeys.  The winner gets a prize.

Top Tips

  • Keep some kitchen roll and wipes handy for spillages including potty training accidents.
  • Make sure the parents of the invited children attend so they can sort out any problems.
  • Sit down lunches or food boxes work really well and don’t forget the cake.
  • Set out some toys and have some simple party games.
  • Story time and sleeping lions to calm the little ones down.
  • Don’t forget the party bags. Themed toys to match the party are good with a few sweeties.
  • Don’t forget your camer


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