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21st Aug 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

Top 10 toys for Christmas 2014

BoxedUpParty Xmas 2014 Blog


If you have a birthday present to buy this year and it’s in the Hamley’s top 10 toys for Christmas you may have to buy soon before the rush.

Christmas buying usually gets under way in October and we all know what happens to the popular toys.  They get bought up in bulk and sold on EBay for extortionate prices.

Sold Out Unless You’ve Got £1000

Buyers at the country’s leading toy shops have a difficult time predicting what will be popular.  You may remember some of the attempts in years gone by to get hold of certain toys.  Teletubbies were a big craze, as was Tickle Me Elmo with parents paying up to £1000 on auction sites for it.  In 2007  sales for Talking Iggle Piggle were totally underestimated and in 2009 sales of Zhu Zhu pets went mad.

So here’s the predictions from Hamley’s, but will they get it right?

Hamley’s Top 10


1. Cayla £75 

A wi-fi connected doll that can help children with their home work.  It answers questions through Google although certain topics and swearing are blocked.


2. Barbie’s Colour Change Handbag £40

A handbag that changes colour when you hold it up against your clothes and press a button.  Have they made one for grown ups yet?!!


3. Frozen Skating Anna and Elsa £30 each

After the success of the movie, these Disney dolls skate across the floor are bound to do really well.


4. Xeno the Monster £80

Xeno is a ticklish interactive monster that makes rude noises, reacts to touch  and has animated LCD eyes with 40 eye expressions. It has 5 mini-games and a free app for extra play. -250x176

5. LeapFrog’s Leap TV £135

A video game system that uses classic gaming controls, point and play and body movements. A bit like a Wii for young kids.


6. DohVinci Vanity Box £25

I’ve already been asked for this one for my daughter’s birthday!  It’s essentially a vanity box that you decorate with special putty that you squeeze on in different patterns.  Kind of like Play-Doh meets Decopatch.


7. Kiddizoom Smart Watch £40

A watch that also takes photo’s, video’s with built-in games and a voice changer.  It also tells the time of course with lots of different watch faces to change the watches appearance.


8. Teksta T-Rex £74

Teksta must be hoping to follow the success of their robotic puppy which sold out completely last year. It moves forwards and backwards as well as moving its head.  It can also chew up its bone and spit it out with an enormous burp. Lovely!


9. Boom Co Rapid Madness Guns £65

These toys come with soft darts that fire up to 50 feet.  You can change it from single shot to fast shooting. Move over Nerf!


10. Transformers Chomp and Stomp Grimlock £115

This 20″ Transformers robot comes with a mighty sword for destroying its opponents.


What have they missed?

If you’ve already been asked for a toy for your kid’s birthday or even Christmas it would be great to hear what they are.  Send your comments below.

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