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6th Jan 2015 Published by Catherine Haines

Why Minecraft Said 'No' To Party Licensing But Love Minecraft Parties

BoxedUpParty Minecraft Licensing Blog


As you know at BoxedUpParty we love Minecraft parties.  We do our best to provide party kits for you to enjoy and we know that many of our customers add very to them with ideas of their own. We provide licensed Minecraft products to complement our colour co-ordinated ranges but these are often just the starting point for your celebrations.

If you look at Pinterest, Google Images and various other social media domains you can see the enormous amount of effort people go to in order to have a fabulous Minecraft party.  Just look at these for some great examples:

minecraft-cakes-rice-crispy-250x369 Minecraft-castle-blueprint-250x244

minecraft-cupcakes-250x188 Minecraft-Dodge-Ball-250x188


minecraft-250x166 DSC 0899-250x160

From time to time we do get asked about licensed Minecraft party ware, like plates or balloons and there is a bit of a story around that.

Inside Licensing wrote a very interesting blog about this subject as it was reporting from Brand Licensing Europe last October. There was a keynote speech by Mojang’s Chief Operating Officer Vu Bui who showed the audience some of the great efforts you can go to to create inspiring, exciting and above all creative parties by showing a party created by a Minecraft fan. He then said “This is one of the reasons we don’t do Minecraft party supplies.  We are not at all interested in taking this away from people, that creativity.”

In fact Mojang, the makers of Minecraft only have two people in charge of licensing. Lydia Winters – the Director of Fun and the Creative Director known as Junkboy. There aim as far as licensing goes is to “Make what we think is cool, what we would see in the store as cool.”

Mojang have been approached by some of the big multi national party companies and been offered a lot of money as well as being boasted to about the other licenses these companies hold.  This however did not impress them as the companies intended, because as we saw before Minecraft is all about the creativity and they will keep their brand cool at all costs.

So Minecraft, we salute you for making party goers and ourselves more creative.

We have more Minecraft party ideas, tips and games here on our party ideas page. We also have our own Minecraft party Pinterest page which we regularly add to for more inspiration. Finally we do create Minecraft parties with licenced posters, stickers and loads more to get you started.

Minecraft-Party-3-250x250 minecraft-party-bags-4-250x250



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