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BoxedUpParty Minecraft Blogs

25th Sep 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

My kids love Minecraft – they play on a tablet or laptop and have always enjoyed creating new worlds and ...

BoxedUpParty Peppa Pig 10 Blog

15th Sep 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

1. Peppa Pig is fun! Who doesn’t like talking brightly coloured animals?   2. Anyone who rolls around on the ...

BoxedUpParty Scared Blog

10th Sep 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

A recent trip to see my friend on her daughter’s third birthday was quite revealing to me. As a working ...

BoxedUpParty Hello Kitty Space Blog

1st Sep 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

How exciting, Hello Kitty is in Space and sending messages too.  The cute Japanese feline is circling the earth right ...

BoxedUpParty Indoor Blog

26th Aug 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

The bouncy castle is in the garden and the guests are about to arrive – then the rain comes! If ...

BoxedUpParty Xmas 2014 Blog

21st Aug 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

If you have a birthday present to buy this year and it’s in the Hamley’s top 10 toys for Christmas ...

BoxedUpParty Co-operative Kids Party Games Listing Image

18th Aug 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

There is always a debate as to whether party games that have winners are too upsetting for children.  Maybe you ...

BoxedUpParty Cupcake Wars Blog

15th Aug 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

The kids are nearly back at school and if your kid is a first timer there’s a few things need to ...

BoxedUpParty Confetti Blog

7th Aug 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

Confetti is fun,  it looks great scattered on the party table and can really add to the theme and style ...

BoxedUpParty Birthday Month Blog

4th Aug 2014 Published by Catherine Haines

September is often perceived to be the most popular birthday month but how true is this?  Are your kids going ...


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